Water Resources:  Surface water

An important component of California’s water includes natural surface water supplies from rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs. Provost & Pritchard staff have participated in projects by preparing drainage, sediment and erosion control plans, and hydrologic analysis of flows.


Irrigation Conveyance – Canals and Pipelines

Provost & Pritchard staff are skilled at planning and designing new facilities, expansions, and rehabilitations of canals and pipelines to carry water to cities and water districts.  We understand factors that can affect water conveyance efficiencies providing clients with maximum deliveries.

Water Control Structures

Provost & Pritchard staff have designed many control structures for ag irrigation and water districts to achieve better flow control to the desired location, or control water levels for more reliable deliveries.  Staff is skilled at determining the most beneficial locations to place check structures.

Irrigation Distribution Systems

Provost & Pritchard staff understand the changing needs in irrigation distribution systems.  Changes in on-farm irrigation methods are requiring irrigation districts to modernize their systems to become more flexible so growers can irrigate at the right time – getting water to the crops only when needed.  In many systems, this requires the use of new control strategies and infrastructure including: new control structures, regulating reservoirs, pump stations and SCADA systems.

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group, 2019