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Contract Planning Services

City of Parlier, California

Since 2016, Provost & Pritchard staff member has served as the designated City Planner for Parlier. Primary duties have included review of commercial, industrial, and residential development proposals, processing of final maps, and review of the City’s development application process and fee structure.

Oak Grove Apartments Project

City of Parlier, California

Using a combination of State, federal, and local funds, the Fresno Housing Authority proposed to demolish 50 aged multi-family dwellings and replace them with 56 modern dwellings.  To accommodate the proposed density, the project also required an amendment to the City’s General Plan.  The entire process, from application acceptance to adoption of the CEQA document and project approval, needed to occur within a nine-week timeframe to meet a funding deadline.  The process involved Tribal consultation pursuant to both AB52 and SB18, which required extensive correspondence due to the condensed schedule.  Provost & Pritchard also requested and received a shortened CEQA review period from the State Clearinghouse, allowing the City Council to conduct a special meeting for CEQA and project consideration prior to the Housing Authority’s deadline.

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group, 2019