planning:  Zoning and Land Use Planning Analysis

These are the things planning was founded on.  Where will people live, work, play, and go to school?  Where will things be made, stored, shipped from, and shipped to?  What’s the best path to take to get from here to there, and what will that path look like?  We provide zoning and land use analysis for cities and counties in a manner designed to encourage responsible, sustainable growth and prevent land-use conflicts.  What we have in the end are places that people want to be. We look at land use patterns, as well as social and economic conditions, to help our clients manage the land within their jurisdictions, identifying development patterns, transportation corridors, and natural resources. We create streamlined zoning tools that help implement policy direction they get from their council members and supervisors.  We provide updates to zoning texts, general plans, and other planning documents to make sure that our clients stay on top of ever-changing state requirements.

Zoning and Land Use Planning Analysis Services

  • Preparing General Plan elements
  • Preparing or revising zoning ordinances
  • Preparing specific plans
  • Reviewing and revising sign ordinances
  • Preparing or revising development standards
  • Preparing sustainable community plans or documents
  • Preparing or updating safety plans

Zoning and Land Use Planning Projects

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