Water Resources:  Groundwater

Groundwater is a critical concern to the state of California. At Provost & Pritchard we have the expertise to support this vital resource.



One of Provost & Pritchard’s primary goals is to work with clients so they have a consistent and reliable source of water. Our team of water resources engineers have demonstrated technical ability, not only in the design of new water wells, but also in the components that make a well project successful. Those components include: environmental documents, well siting, zone testing for water quality, and connecting into existing systems.


Provost & Pritchard has been involved in designing and installing hundreds of groundwater monitoring wells used for hydrogeologic characterization, groundwater quality, and aquifer hydraulic properties. Our engineers, geologists, and hydrogeologists carefully consider the purpose of the well when evaluating the well’s design. Provost & Pritchard has installed and monitored wells for groundwater management plans and banking for irrigation districts; the monitoring of effluent waste from wastewater treatment plants; and water quality monitoring for municipalities, private businesses, dairies, and food processors.

Geology and Hydrogeology

Geologists and hydrogeologists provide assessments, interpretations and modeling of critical groundwater resources to locate high quality groundwater that meets state and federal standards. At Provost & Pritchard our geologists, hydrogeologists and environmental specialists are an integral part of engineering teams providing valuable insight into the geologic and hydrogeologic conditions for a wide variety of projects.


Services include:

  • Well design and rehabilitation including zone testing for municipal water quality
  • Hydrogeologic studies
  • Groundwater banking/recharge
  • DWR-compliant Groundwater Management Plans
  • Integrated Regional Water Management Plans (IRWMPs)
  • Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program reports
  • Fluvial geomorphology and stream restoration

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