Geographic Information Systems

Irrigation Facilities Map Books

Tulare and Kern County, California

Groundwater Evaluations

San Joaquin Valley, California

Watershed Analysis

National Parks

Irrigation and water districts are faced with the challenge of managing a complex network of facilities to make sure water is delivered where it is needed.  Knowledge of how their systems are connected is vital. In order to help our Districts with their facilities Provost & Pritchard’s GIS staff has created sets of large scale detailed facilities maps.  These highly portable map books were customized for clients.  For example, Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District and Southern San Joaquin Municipal Utility District use their map books to see their facilities as they know them, with labels that are familiar to all staff.  The map books created a common tool for staff to locate facilities as well as plan new projects and maintenance.

Provost & Pritchard’s GIS staff works closely with engineers and hydrogeologists to analyze groundwater data for clients throughout the Central Valley.  Agencies like Arvin-Edison Water Storage District, Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District, Lindmore Irrigation District and the North Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency are utilizing our GIS staff to create groundwater contour maps, identify potential groundwater recharge sites, and review other aquifer characteristics.  We are also capable of integrating historic data and findings from professional publications so our clients can make more informed decisions.

Our GIS staff has used watershed analysis tools to delineate watershed boundaries, model drainage flow paths and estimate flood flow potential to estimate size of storm water culverts needed at roadway crossings. Our staff has mapped and quantified watershed metrics for watersheds in Joshua Tree National Park in California, Admiralty Island in Alaska, and several private land development projects in the Sierras and Central Valley. GIS has allowed us to integrate land use and soil types in storm flow estimates.

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group, 2019