Water Resources:  District Engineering & Management

From its inception in 1968, Provost & Pritchard has been an integral part of the development of irrigated agriculture throughout California.  Our firm’s engineering services are rooted in this tradition.


Today’s challenges go beyond the design of new water projects.  Increased competition for scarce water supplies, drainage needs, and water quality issues, demand new approaches and innovative solutions. Provost & Pritchard continues to lead the way by providing a variety of services to help our clients maximize the benefits from their water supplies.


Other areas of staff experience:

  • Conveyance and distribution
  • Pump stations
  • Groundwater banking and recharge
  • Reservoirs and levees
  • Water supply and wells
  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineer’s reports (Proposition 218 support)
  • Master planning and asset management
  • Water management/conservation plans
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Surface water and groundwater hydrology
  • Water rights
  • Water exchanges and transfers

District Management for Dudley Ridge Water District

Kings County, California

Provost & Pritchard has provided management, engineering, and financial services to Dudley Ridge Water District since 1972. Dudley Ridge is a State Water Project contractor located in western Kings County of California. The property within the district is agricultural, and of the total 37,600 acres, approximately 17,500 acres are in permanent crops. As the manager-engineer for Dudley Ridge, Provost & Pritchard is responsible for administrating the district´s Water Supply Contract with the state, developing water management plans and water transfers, exchanges, and banking programs, overseeing the operations of the distribution system, implementing improvements to the distribution system, conducting board meetings, and coordinating with water users and landowners related to charges, water deliveries, water transfers and similar issues. During recent years, Provost & Pritchard was instrumental in the district´s participation in the Kern Water Bank and various other long-term groundwater and exchange programs with Kern County Water Agency, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, Cawelo Water District, and numerous short-term water transfers and exchanges to improve the District´s water reliability in years of low State Water Project supplies.

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