Construction Management

Well No. 3 Water Treatment Plant

Armona Community Services District, Kings County, California

Armona Community Services District’s Well No. 2 was out of compliance with the maximum contaminant level for arsenic. In order to address the compliance issues, Provost & Pritchard’s engineers provided design engineering, bid solicitation, and construction management services, as well as oversaw compliance with funding agreement requirements. Our engineers prepared the Well No. 3 design for construction, which included storage and wellhead treatment facilities for arsenic, color and odor removal. The treatment system consists of a coagulation/filtration with pressure filters, chemical storage and injection equipment, backwashing system, recycled water system, solids handling equipment and an operations building.


Our construction management team was responsible for overseeing the construction phase of the well site’s hydropneumatics tank and filters, water storage tank and filters, a reclaim tank, chemical building, operations building, water sampling station, and the well itself.   Construction began in March 2016 and was completed on schedule in May 2017 with less than 2.5 percent in change orders.

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group, 2019